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DP World Yarımca serves any location in Turkey within the reach of the national railway network.

Our terminal infrastructure offers customers cheaper and safer access to anywhere in Turkey thanks to the recently commissioned railway connection. Having expanded our service network with the railway integration allows us to ensure convenient and economic transport of metal and mineral ore, marble and machinery for our customers in inland provinces such as Ankara, Eskişehir, Bilecik and Kütahya. 

Thanks to the port’s infrastructural design, which facilitates faster loading and unloading, trains can reach right at the ship’s side, allowing for rapid and safe handling of cargo by rubber-tired gantry cranes and hence reducing the time cargo spends at the port. The railway connection allows for a more secure and cost-effective cargo transportation to and from any location where Turkish State Railways infrastructure is available while also mitigating environmental impact and minimizing risks. Moreover, it helps producers reach global markets at lower costs by means of various shipping lines calling at DP World Yarımca.


For more information : Telephone : +90 262 316 11 16 / E-mail :



About Railway

  • State of the art design
  • 823 mt total length / 523 mt straight
  • Capable to host block train
  • Fast load & discharge under RTG operation